The Wooden Sky Reveal Album Cover, Track Listing, New Song
January 10 2012

While we were away, The Wooden Sky announced the track listing for their new album, "Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun", as well as revealed the first track called "Child Of The Valley". You can download the song for free HERE.

The album features 13 tracks, including "Child Of The Valley" and two tracks you may be familiar with from their "City Of Light EP". Our friends at Exclaim were also kind enough to include the album as one of their most anticipated albums of 2012. Every Child... comes out February 28th, so stay tuned for more updates in the days and weeks to come!

1) Child Of The Valley
2) Angelina
3) Dancing At My Window
4) It Gets Old To Be Alone
5) Malibu Rum
6) Take Me Out
7) Bald Naked & Red
8) Your Fight Will Not Be Long
9) City Of Light
10) The Night Goes On And On
11) I'm Your Man
12) Angelina (Reprise)
13) Hang On To Me